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April 28, 2012


Buugeng with Dan

by Safire Hoop Dance

Buugeng – the word is derived from Japanese and is a combination of two words:

Buu – martial art
Geng – illusion

Aptly named, these hinged S-shaped staffs are easy to appreciate as they slice through the air effortlessly, creating mesmerizing kaleidoscopic patterns.
In this workshop we will focus on the basics of buugeng manipulation, learning the building blocks of more advanced techniques.

These basics include plane control and direction with both hands, finger spinning, and isolation points. If time permits, we may also cover open/close or draw techniques, and throws. A limited number buugeng will be provided for you to try out during the class, and will be also be available for purchase.

Fascinated by the martial arts from a young age, FloWarrior has always appreciated their merit as a meditative form of dance and self-expression, rather than a means of fighting.
Soon after he began to spin staff in 2004 at Shambhala music festival, he was introduced to the wonderfully unique culture and community of the flow-arts.
Discovering one of his passions, he has since dedicated himself to experiencing and developing the global spinning community.
He is the founder of Sound & Motion, a University of Alberta club dedicated to prop manipulation, and has taught at such amazing local events as Spin Milk, Light & Motion, and Spin out.
Branching out to just about anything he can get his hands on, he now specializes in sabres, fans, and buugeng as he seeks to establish himself as one of Edmonton’s top fire performers.

“My goal is to impart as much inspirational and theoretical knowledge as I can. Such that rather than having an hour of technique to practice/drill, you will have an hour of material laced with ideas for development, that can serve as the basis for years of exploration.” – Dan

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