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April 28, 2012


Contact Staff Basics with Aileen

by Safire Hoop Dance

Contact Staff Basics
All the foundational moves of contact staff will be taught in this workshop, so if you’ve ever wanted to learn now is the time! We’ll go over basics like hand, neck, body and elbow wraps and conveyor belts, which will end up segue into greater versions of the moves, like steve’s and snes’s.

Aileen Lawlor grew up in northern New Jersey with her five brothers and three sisters. Her experience as one of the youngest to a unique family of musicians and artists fostered her passion for acting, movement, and Life. She studied theater arts throughout her youth, developing a love for performance and acting. She resumed her studies after high school at Hb Studios in New York City, where she trained in technique & scene study, kundalini yoga, stage combat, singing voice, movement for actors based on modern dance, and physical improv, based off of Viola Spolin’s teachings.

She relocated to the Bay Area in 2004 to unfamiliar territory to enrich her experiences as an actor and explore the art of fire dancing. She continued acting in the Bay as a member of the Pan Theatre Improv Group, along with appearances in several indie and feature films.

In San Francisco she discovered an enthusiasm toward the Flow and Spinning Arts, delving into the practice of poi, contact staff, and FlowWand. Her exploration with object manipulation encouraged her studies of dance at CCSF, where she practiced modern and hip hop dance, in addition to ballet and salsa. Blending this into her performance, she has quickly established herself in the international spinning community as a dynamic dancer, displaying not only technical proficiency with her poi and staff skills, but a unique and graceful style that integrates her experience with yoga, dance, and gymnastics.

Aileen has appeared in instructional DVDs for Partner Poi, Contact Staff and Poi Technique, as well as the 2009 Circles of Light competition DVD. She has performed throughout the world and teaches group classes in the East Bay at the Flowspace and private classes out of her home at the Vulcan warehouse, which has become known worldwide as a hotbed for talent and innovation in the spinning and juggling arts.

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