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April 28, 2012


Hooping with Carla Snowzilla

by Safire Hoop Dance

Breaking Through Hooper’s Block: Join Carla Snow for a workshop armed with the intention of breaking through “hooper’s block” and bringing a new energy to your hoop practice. Warm up with multidimensional exercises aimed at improving technique and sparking your creativity. Explore new twists on old tricks, try out some new moves, and arm yourselves with a cool combo or two. This workshop is appropriate for hoopers of most skill levels (strong waist/core hooping skills are recommended)- every exercise can be layered upon to provide hoopers with their own individual level of challenge.


From a young age, Carla Snow has been in love with all kinds of music and focused much of that passion into her practice as a classically trained flutist. In 2008, she stepped into her first hoop at a summer music festival and was introduced to a new way of connecting with the music to create both a visual and emotional experience. Training with world-renowned performer and educator, Sandra “SaFire” Sommerville, as well as a number of instructors from San Francisco to Melbourne, she has taken her hooping from a fun hobby to a full time passion.

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