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April 28, 2012

Hooping with Nina

by Safire Hoop Dance

Workshop Description: TO BE ANNOUNCED


Nina Wosar, founder of Infinity Hoopdance, is a licensed HoopGirl Instructor and an insured and certified AFLCA Group Exercise Leader. She has 18 years of dance experience and has been teaching hoopdance through weekly classes and workshops since 2010.

Nina’s positivity infuses classes with a supportive atmosphere! Her focus on guided relaxation and breathing exercises bring students in touch with their bodies. Small class sizes and one-on-one instruction helps students to understand and learn new material.


The first time I saw hoopdance was in 2007 at a BC music festival. The grace, fluidity and freedom of the dance drew me in – I fell in love! Spending countless hours in the hoop played a large role in my transformation from a shy and kind of awkward teen to a confident, outgoing young lady. It also provided a me with an amazing outlet of creativity. I had always danced to express myself, but hooping took me to the next level of expressiveness. My never ending journey of learning new moves with the hoop has instilled a “YES I CAN!” attitude within. This is reason I teach! Seeing the look of excitement and satisfaction on a students face when they nail a move for the first time is a wonderful moment to witness. I know that the hoop is a great teacher to all of us. It reminds us to look a challenge in the eye with determination, to never give up and to have fun while we’re at it!

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